As the player doesn’t adventure much in the Demon Realm, it’s hard to say whether it had inhabitants as such before the arrival of the Hylden. But I occasionally enjoy my trees with a side of epilepsy, so I have a hypothesis.

The Hylden Didn’t Use Magic…
Not much, anyhow. They were apparently behind the creation of Glyph magic later on, but even that smacks a bit of technology — it’s nothing like the vampires’ hard-coded telepathy that features so prominently.

…But They Did Have A Stargate
Okay, not really a Stargate, but a portal to another dimension — specifically to the Demon Realm. As much as I like the idea of ascribing phenomenal cosmic power to the winged race, I just don’t buy the idea that they successfully banished an entire race of beings to another plane of existence.

As much as I may want to disavow the existence of Blood Omen 2, there was at least one Hylden — the Oracle or whoever — who escaped the Binding, or was otherwise somehow immune to the effects of the Binding.

And as I said in my previous post about one person being immune to the effects of Nupraptor’s Curse kind of breaking down the whole system — so too this example breaks down the idea of a culture-wide planar banishment.

You Use What You Already Have
My bizarre hypothesis then, is that rather than actually being a race-wide banishment of the Hylden — the winged race used a weapon of some type to instead say, widen an existing portal to engulf a major Hylden city.

Then — as shown through the repeated Vampire Purges enacted by the humans — the winged race purged surviving Hylden in the ensuing centuries until the winged race eventually destroyed itself because “Who Wants To Live Forever?”

The Pillars then stand as a pretty epic “lock” on a portal the Ancients had inadvertently (or intentionally) made say, enormous and wildly unstable.

Kind of like that “Black Hole” episode of Stargate SG-1.

Huzzah, time dilation!

Recursive Reasoning Is Recursive
This hypothesis is somewhat recursive — helping to explain my other ideas:
* The Pillars were mortal sorcerers who sacrificed themselves to save the world.
* The maintenance of The Binding was dependent upon not only the Pillar Guardians who served as individual companions to the Pillars but also the continuation of the winged race themselves.

And this is why I continue to assert that this is not an official explanation, it is only my explanation — and I like my explanation because it makes more sense to me. And I think you should like my explanation because I think it’s better.

Et cetera, et cetera. [/fanwank]

Much of this is leading toward a unified theory of what the Pillars are, what the Guardians are, what the Corruption is (and what it affected), what the Scion of Balance is, what the Elder God is, and what happened “before time travel.”