Over the weekend I brushed up my reading on sinkholes, cisterns, and aquifers — and I usually meander through pages on natural caverns for some time.

This time I found a page about a cave system in Croatia, the Velebit caves. It has a neat little cross-section image you could totally steal for a megadungeon.

And because I don’t just stop reading when I start writing a blog post — usually I’m looking for accompanying links and pictures and whatnot — the Wikipedia page for the Cave of Swallows also has a handy-looking cross-section.

There are bigger caves, and prettier caves, and deeper caves — I just noticed these ones included cross-sections (which noted depth). There are also cool pictures associated with the page about cenotes but staring at them too long triggers some latent claustrophobia of mine (I’m not actually claustrophobic).

Check ’em out!