Some ideas make sense until you talk to someone about them.

And I get that part of that is another person injecting some — I don’t know, “reality” into what was otherwise an abstract and/or unfounded idea — however at the same time I always feel that this grounding also “kills” something.

Maybe I’m oversensitive. Maybe I’m selfish. Maybe I’m delusional.

But you know, I’m a creative person and I don’t like having my bizarre and far-fetched ideas shot down. It’s only worse when you’re talking to someone who might actually know more than you about the particular subject.

I guess I can kind of get how reality gets in the way of imagination.

And at the same time, I feel like imagination is wasted on “shallow” ideas of fantasy that have already been explored to death. A fantasy writer really, really needs to educate themselves these days or they’re just a hack.

This returns to the nature of the Corruption and the effect it had on the Pillars.

My ideas are simultaneously simple and complicated. I generally reject the idea that a singular event (e.g. The Corruption, or The Blood Curse) works exactly the way it’s described or has quite the reach suggested by the text or characters.

We’re finally coming to what the Corruption did.

The Corruption Prevented The Pillars From Choosing Guardians
After a lengthy discussion in the comment section on an earlier post and some additional research, my grasp of any previous assertions I made is tenuous (and I didn’t leave myself enough notes) and my understanding has changed.

I still hold that The Corruption — which I suppose might be better described as “Nupraptor’s Curse” — didn’t have any or all of the effects described of it. I don’t think it actually affected the Guardians other than driving them into solitude.

Before Nupraptor’s Curse, Moebius was already an agent of the Elder God and colluded with Mortanius to overthrow the Ancient Vampires. Before Nupraptor’s Curse, Malek had already established the Sarafan and enacted the first Vampire Purges. Azimuth was already summoning demons before Nupraptor’s Curse.

And to say that Nupraptor’s Curse only affected some of the Guardians is to do them all a disservice — why would only some of them be affected while others remained immune? These were supposed to be the foremost sorcerers in the entire world. If any were immune, they must all be immune.

Even owing a degree of “immunity” that some Circle members may have had — Moebius for the Elder God’s influence — or Azimuth and Mortanius for the influence of the Hylden — or Malek for his “unique” condition — they must ultimately be held accountable for their actions.

And it’s hard to make that case against the insane.

It becomes a matter of Values Dissonance if you hold that insanity precludes responsibility, which you must doif you also hold that Kain was somehow rendered ‘unable to fulfill his role as Balance Guardian from birth.’ (SR2)

Because it’s the player who carries out the actions, not Kain. By criticizing Kain and calling his actions “corrupt” the player is removed from any responsibility in their role as decision-maker. And what else do you play games for?

It’s worth noting that this could be an instance of Kain stating something incorrect — but his hypothesis is also reinforced by the narrative. Later in Defiance, Raziel talks of ‘healing the Scion of Balance of his corruption.’

Of course, Raziel could be wrong in that instance, but then you run into the problem of not being able to trust anybody’s word. Whose word do you trust?

Playing is Believing
What we see and play in the game is probably the most accurate source. Second to that, are the assertions made by the player characters that are reinforced by other player characters and/or the gameplay itself.

Put another way:
“I can turn into a swarm of bats,” says Kain.
Oh look, Kain turned into a swarm of bats.

“Your thirst for blood has been replaced by a darker hunger,” says Elder God.
Oh look, Raziel must consume souls or be destroyed.

Reliable sources, yay!

When it comes down to it, what we see in the narrative of Blood Omen is that when Kain was assassinated in the beginning of the game — no new Balance Guardian was called. Kain was the last in the line of Balance Guardians.

And upon scourging the Circle — no new Guardians rose to replace them.

SR2 showed us that the Corruption occurred immediately after Kain was called as the new (and final) Balance Guardian. Nupraptor’s Curse attacked the other Guardians — but ultimately affected the Pillars instead.