I’ve only touched on some of the stuff that makes this series what it is, and I’m anxious to talk about what happens and why so I’m going to start a list.

I’m going to try and highlight some of the “unanswered questions” in the series and point out some of the problems I think I’ve found.

I suppose it’s important for my to point out that I’m no longer interested in an official answer to these questions — I’ve been mulling over them for such a long time I doubt a continuation of the series will hold a satisfying answer for me.

What are the Pillars of Nosgoth?
Seriously, what are they? The biggest Macguffins ever employed in a game narrative? How were they made? What do they do? Why do they need Guardians? What powers do they bestow upon said Guardians? How were they “corrupted?”

Why did Kain’s Choice at the Pillars destroy them?

What are the Pillar Guardians?
I mean, they’re supposed to have powers for a reason. It’s related somehow to their “duty” to the Pillars. What are the duties of a Guardian, and how are they connected to one another? What makes the Balance Guardian unique?

What is the Corruption?
From the start, the Pillars of Nosgoth are said to be corrupted somehow — but what corrupts them, how, and why? Is it Nuprator’s curse? Is it the Guardians themselves? The Hylden? The influence of the Elder God?

Ariel was said to be spared, but what about Moebius and Malak?

What are the vampires of Nosgoth?
Vampires are central to the game’s background and story but they diverge significantly from myth in many ways, and by the end are portrayed as simultaneously benevolent and intrinsic to the world of Nosgoth.

What were they trying to accomplish with the Pillars and Soul Reaver?

What is the Soul Reaver?
Even when merely Kain’s “Infinity +1 Sword” in Blood Omen, the Soul Reaver is the center of a mystery. It drains blood and souls, hosts a wraith, and creates temporal paradoxes. It’s also the key to a bunch of ancient ruins. Why.

Why does the Soul Reaver devour Raziel?

What is Raziel’s Destiny?
The Soul Reaver games and Defiance all state that Raziel is destined to be the Savior of Nosgoth — but whose savior? The land? Vampires? Humans? And savior from what? The Hylden? The Corruption? The Elder God?

What is Kain’s destiny?
Kain’s sacrifice is intended to “cleanse” the Pillars, but Moebius manipulates events such that either Kain’s life or death will trigger the Pillars’ collapse.

What event triggers the Scion of Balance?

What is the Elder God?
What does he do? How does he do it? What is the Wheel of Fate? How does the Elder God truly “profit” from so-called cycle of death and rebirth?

Rather than actually try to answer all these questions in the context of the Legacy of Kain series, I hope to create an explanation using the mechanics I’ve devised for my own world and magic system. I may never contribute to the LOK series but its mysteries have served as an endless font of inspiration.