Phew. I took some time to reorganize the search panel on the right.

There are now six broad categories of things the game is grouped into — characters, dungeons, factions, magic, travel, and rumors.

There should be a seventh one there, but I forget what it is — in a previous iteration of the system it would have been monsters, but they’re pretty much a subsection of “dungeons,” barely deserving their own post at the moment.

Characters is the most extensive section, complete with races, classes, trades, equipment, and a bunch of the basic mechanical goodies.

Dungeons gets pretty abstract, but is ultimately based on character creation. Dungeons are the co-stars of the game, don’cha know.

Factions is the section about large groups of NPCs — almost akin to dungeons themselves. They’re the context for the trades system that PCs use.

Magic & Rituals is pretty intense. You’ve been warned.

Travel is a developing section that I’ve discussed at length but have made comparatively little progress toward completing — it’s in the works.

Plots & Rumors is nearly a lesson in narrative design. Ultimately based on character creation (like dungeons and factions), the plot generator is the ultimate tool in a GM’s arsenal for myth-weaving.

Poke around, check stuff out. I’ve done as much as I can for the moment.

Okay, I’m back to work on the game now.