Okay, after a couple weeks of working on races I can finally return to finish my revision of classes. I have a document with all of my race work thus far — which unfortunately includes a bunch of copyrighted images. So uh, I can’t share it.

Now that races are about eighty percent complete mechanics-wise, I can revisit classes. They have to complement each other — hence the delays.

It took breakthroughs on multiple fronts before I was able to make as much progress as I have on races — it represents about two weeks of work. I think. Actually, it may have been a lot more than that. I’m not sure.

So I’m looking at defenders. I mean, again.

I wrote up an “ideal” defender — which actually isn’t all that great — the point being that each of the seven defenders deviates from the standard model in an interesting and unique way. The standard is a bit too diverse to be useful.

Actually, as it goes — four out of seven defenders will follow the model pretty closely so a slight majority (about sixty percent of defenders) are predictable.

“About sixty percent” can be found throughout the system’s design. For another example, “about sixty percent” of all classes can use heavy armor, which means attack bonuses versus AC are always a pretty good investment.

It’s also means an unlucky Dexterity score doesn’t spell a PC’s doom.

Additionally, “about sixty percent” of all classes rely on weapons for combat. On the one hand, this means there are a fair number of magic-users — common enough to be an expected sight, but still less than “common.”

It’s possible to have an all-caster party and cover all combat roles.

I don’t know which group I’ll work on next after the defenders. It’ll probably be controllers because that’s where I’ll need to put in the most work.

Controllers will be getting nerfed a bit — at least for the first round of revisions. Most multi-target attacks will have damage dropped to d4 due to exploding dice. Exploding dice increase average damage about half a point.

So yeah. I’ll keep you posted on my progress when I can.