Some things get lost when you move. Some things get found.

Like all of my notes for the Praise of Stone campaign I ran from 2012 to 2013. I found the notes I made for summarizing the events of the campaign, and all my notes from the conclusion. Which I will promptly digitize for posterity.

A few events I have out of order — when I read them back to the group over a year ago, they helped me put them in order. Unfortunately I failed to make note of the errors. The notes were already nine pages. I might figure them out on my own.


A ragtag bunch of misfits found their way to Haliartos during a festival called the Pandemoniad. It’s a Topsy-Turvy festival that celebrates order and justice by making fun of them. The PCs were in a crowd when cut-purses struck.

Working together, the PCs pursued the thieves into a rundown part of town, smashing through stalls (and some walls) before cornering and confronting their prey. A short battle ensued, with one thief escaping. (“The Red Thief.”)

The PCs sized each other up and decided to stick together.

During another event, the “Kangaroo Court,” the town’s teens and rabble-rousers are brought up to judge the “proceedings” of various officials. They’re publicly mocked and “sentenced” to death, before being ritually pardoned.

However when one official was brought before the “court,” a youth charged him with a sword and attempted to kill him. Guards were summoned and the PCs decided to come to the kid’s defense, as he was badly outnumbered.

The kid killed his target and the PCs left with the kid to go party at his place. It turned out the kid’s family owned a modest courier business. There had been a feud between his family and the official, and the PCs were like family now.

The last night of the festival featured the Gods’ Mockery Ball. Everyone was supposed to dress up nice, wear masks of the different gods, and get up to all kinds of debauchery. The PCs spent the day with Delfina preparing.

When they came back to the family abode however, everyone was dead from poison except a few servants. Delfina was horror-struck and the party tried to figure out who had killed their new friends.