Delfina and the Wolves

The most obvious suspect was the dead official’s family. This proved to be a dead end however, as not only was the recently-dead official disliked within his own family, but the festival meant the town wasn’t likely to punish the killing.

A pragmatic, “let bygones be bygones” thing.

That meant someone else had to have killed the family. The party reached out to a lot of different NPCs and groups before finding a clue about the poison and where it came from. The poison was inhaled over hours from some flower decorations.

The party tracked the delivery back to a nearby settlement called Ocalea, and traveled there after leaving Delfina in the protective custody of some hired mercenaries called the Iron Wolves. Ocalea turned was a dead end.

Upon returning to Haliartos, the party discovered the Iron Wolves had deserted and Delfina was missing. The mercenaries had been “bought off,” so the PCs tracked them down, set fire to their barracks, and pillaged its armory.

After learning the location of the man responsible for buying off the Iron Wolves and kidnapping Delfina, the PCs raced into the nearby woods — where they fell into an ambush. After escaping, they limped back to Haliartos…

They found a man — backed by hired goons — who claimed to own the courier business. He tried to turn a crowd against the PCs, accusing them of the mass-poisoning. The PCs talked down the crowd and put the goons to the sword.

The poisoner succumbed to his wounds before the PCs could question him about motivations, or the location of Delfina — and the campaign took a left turn when they decided to trek out to the Oracle of Delphi for answers.

Oh, just before they left the scene — the prince of the tri-city area rolled up with his chariot and bodyguards, surveyed the carnage, and asked if the violence was done and “everything was cool.” The party said “yes,” and the prince left.