As I believe is true with many prolific creators, I have a bazillion things going on.

Long ago I learned that my audience has a limited attention span — perhaps an attention span to match mine — and gets tired of hearing project announcements when they see little or any progress. Some are dropped without ceremony.

Three of my longest-running projects are the Seven States of Magic, which is admittedly known by many different names as its gobbled up numerous smaller projects over the years, Rumors of War (which is tied into the former), and my largely unsung RPG Remix Project. This post is mostly about the latter.

If you’ve ever visited the “Appendix N” page on my site — woefully incomplete as it is — you’ll see that I’ve played a lot of different games over the years, of a lot of different types. Some of the games on that list are practically enemies.

About the only kind of game I don’t play are EA Sports games. It’s also been a long time since I played a flight simulator of any kind. Wait, Kingdom Hearts had the Gummi Ship segments. That totally counts. I just don’t play EA Sports games.

Well, my RPG Remix Project is this really far-out idea I had for taking the story and character elements from like, the last 30-40 years worth of RPGs, distilling their story arcs to and rewriting essential bits to make them more internally consistent (where necessary), and placing them within a single continuity.

It’s a nerd dream project.

A massive crossover continuity except — well, rewritten not to be a crossover but instead a single, unified continuity.

I’m sure at this point some people would be like, “but what of the legality and copyright issues?” And to that I’d have to say really, if you can identify a single work from which any game is derived… well, you’re welcome to try.

I kind of made my debut on the Internet as a Continuity Editor for a fan-created continuation of a cancelled TV show. I had an encyclopedic knowledge of the show’s jokes and part of my job was making sure we didn’t repeat them.

Another part of my contribution was creating a set of guidelines for writing new jokes for characters and analyzing the existing episodes to infer a narrative arc. I’ve been inferring story arcs for like, fifteen-plus years.

When you get down to it, the storytelling in a typical game is… pretty bad.

I’m also champion at Alternative Character Interpretation. Ask anyone who’s ever sat at my game table and they can relate horrible things I’ve attributed to their characters that they didn’t even realize they’d done.

So, this is like, a pet project for me.

One of my hobbies is “exploding” Final Fantasy plots to see how many stories would be required in order to make sense of whatever story they’re telling. I shudder whenever a character utters the words, “over a thousand years ago” because they don’t earn it. Those worlds are not a thousand years old.

Most writers have a lousy sense of scope.

People barely remember something that happened ten years ago, let alone a hundred. Maybe historians will recall something from a thousand years ago. Honestly, these worlds don’t feel “lived in” to justify thousand-year plots.

But what if you could take every RPG plot… pretty much ever… and put it in the same world? Man, that would be an epic world. Lived-in? Try well-loved.

So yeah. I don’t talk about it much because it’s huge and ongoing. I also don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up in case I never put anything out for it. But if I actually did, man. That would be a magnum opus if ever I had one.