Evocation was arguably one of the weakest 3e schools of magic.

All Evocation could really do was blow stuff up in different ways. Or control fire or water sometimes. Using the “power” system from 4e, and reorganizing a bunch of spells from 3e to fit into rituals will make Evocation way better. How?

Evocation deals with energy and forces — light, heat, electricity, gravity, and sound waves among others. Individually, these things aren’t necessarily so powerful — especially not in the hands of a low-level magic-user.

Using these forces in combination requires cunning.

It also requires that they not be freaking spread across like, four different schools of magic. I mean seriously, basic Evocation effects can be found in Abjuration, Conjuration, and Transmutation. And for the most bizarre of reasons.

Sculpt Sound? Telekinesis? Disintegration? Reverse Gravity? Transmutation.

Alarm? Dispel Magic? Disjunction? Spell Turning? Abjuration.

Fog Cloud? Stinking Cloud? Cloudkill? Acid Fog? Conjuration (Creation).

No, no, NO. This is all… this doesn’t make sense. Abjuration is barely a school — most of its effects belong elsewhere. All of its protection and banishment effects honestly ought to be split between Evocation and Restoration.

Just do away with Abjuration entirely.

Spells that control wind, water, temperature, and gravity? Those belong to Evocation, not Transmutation. There are plenty of other problems with Transmutation in 3e, but right now I’m just talking about Evocation.

Since magic itself is one of those universal forces along with gravity, electricity, and… force… a lot of the meta-magic effects like Dispel, Disjunction, and Spell-Turning belong with Evocation as well.

Evokers ought to be feared, and rightly so — among magic-users, they are simply the best equipped to slay other users of magic.

Finally, and this is a big one — Evocation owns Warding effects. They don’t have a monopoly on everything considered a “protection” spell, and there’s some weird cross-pollination with Binding effects — but Evocations can be put on “triggers.”

They include the majority of “trap-like” spells.

You’ll like the “New Evocation.”