Over the weekend I had the opportunity to outline my favorite magic discipline.

Warping space.

I forget when I wrote about this exactly, but I see teleportation as a school of magic unto itself — I think this is pretty radically different from other magic systems. Maybe it’s my fantasy/science fiction background.

Hyperspace to me, is a thing. I really liked lightspeed/hyperspace in Star Wars. I loved the wormholes in Stargate/SG-1. I just about died from the sheer joy of playing Portal and Portal 2. I have indescribable love for other dimensions.

Spaces within spaces. Non-Euclidean angles. Whatever you want to call them.

Planes that are invisible when you view them from different perspectives.

Love ’em. Want play with ’em.

And that’s why I’ve never been comfortable with teleportation or dimensional magic being shoe-horned into other schools of magic. It just isn’t the same. It simply isn’t a matter of “going really, really fast,” you’re trans-locating.

Sometimes bi-locating.

It’s strange. It’s amazing. It’s interesting.

And it ultimately belongs in a completely separate school of magic.

So I rounded up the summon spells, the teleportation and travel spells, and I created the new “teleportation” school of magic. It has a very simple hook.

One of the problems with low-level teleportation is that it well, breaks the game. Thankfully fiction offers a lot of ideas for how to de-power teleportation, which likely parallel real-world limitations on teleportation.

You require what are effectively “dimensional crossroads” or “road-signs.”

Teleporting to a place you can see is one thing, but teleporting long distances requires some sort of anchor or destination gimmick. You can Walk the Leylines, but that requires a Ley Line to be present at your location.

You can use Fire Walk or Tree Stride with similar limitations.

It’s like trying to access the Flue Network.

Teleportation has a few other tricks up its sleeve — it also happens to be the discipline for creating extra-dimensional spaces, like Portable Holes.

Dimensional warps. Gates. Portals. Summoning. Teleportation.