In a fit of productivity, I worked out magic item prices by level.

For all magic/mundane items from levels 1st to 30th.

This is pretty huge. I mean, it’s something I’ve studied about D&D (and other RPGs) off and on for the last several years — and I’d all ready worked out how I wanted it to work, I just hadn’t sat down and actually done it yet.

I’ve put the magic item prices on the character advancement table.

My reason for this is pretty simple — I want players to be able to compare the equipment they could buy for the silver they’ll be spending on advancement.

Rather than dividing items explicitly between mundane and magical — as often seems to be done — they’ll be “blended” together throughout the levels.

One of the things I kind of liked about the 3e equipment/magic item system was how a suit of +1 armor cost less than a mundane suit of full plate. Masterwork items were also quite valuable and helped bridge the gap between the values of magic and mundane equipment.

Scrolls and potions would also round out your treasure hoards in the early levels, giving you this nice variation in equipment as you progress through the levels.

So. Anyway. I’ll share the magic item prices by level thing next time I post the character advancement table — which will hopefully have more additions.