I wish I had some kind of grand excuse like trauma or something.

I have just been super busy lately.

Production of the comic came to an abrupt standstill halfway through Chapter Seven, which is coincidentally halfway through the story. As I said I want to spin some grand excuse but I don’t have time for that. Here’s a list instead:

– The comic itself isn’t a lot of work but the story is at a delicate point.
– My job. Omigosh, my job. The place where most of my week goes.
– My son is fifteen months old and extremely active (and doesn’t like naps).
– School. Over the summer I started into Accounting. I want to go into publishing and game design — two industries often plagued by people notoriously bad with money — and while the material isn’t difficult there’s a lot of work.
– The weather. This might seem inconsequential to many but I’m subject to seasonal affective disorder which usually strikes me at the end of summer.
– Moving out of the apartment next month. Goodness gracious.
My game system. Omigosh, my game system.

You guys don’t even know. I don’t have the time or patience to blog about every change that has taken place in the last week, or what it means.

My game system is almost ready for playtesting. Like, whatever that term is for when a piece of software officially enters alpha (is it just “alpha?”) and finally becomes for people to start trying to break it? Like, there.

My ups lately have been bursts of just — elation — for success I’ve had in game development breaking up the slog that this time of year usually means for me.

This week alone saw two tremendous breakthroughs.

First, the Rumor/Subplot system (“Plot generator”) entered a functional state. Honestly, the system looks kind of like the Death Star II — complete with exposed infrastructure — but it can be used now. Cookiemonger even blogged about it!

Dither’s “Plot Generator” Part 1
Dither’s “Plot Generator” Part 2

Second, I experienced a catastrophic failure with racial archetypes.

Let me explain how this is a good thing.

I slashed the number of playable races in half. This halved the work in two key areas — Racial Ability Score Bonuses and Allegiances. Not only did I bounce back from the brink, I completed work that I’ve been avoiding for months.

Yesterday I drew up a little uh, chart. I wanted to figure out how many choices each aspect of character creation brings to the table. Race and class are about equal, and that makes me really happy. Like, appropriately happy.

With basic classes done and with races on the way — and rituals and magic items outlined — and trades done, the settlement generator on the way — and the plot generator functional, and the dungeon generator functional…

Man, I need to work on my Appendix N.