A month ago, I posted an early version of the character sheet.
Link: The Character Sheet

Here is the New Character Sheet:
Link: v.1 download

(I only started counting versions starting with the first “live” sheet.)

There’s a lot of new stuff here, not to mention a great deal of reorganization. Some of the stuff listed on this sheet doesn’t have proper mechanics yet, and currently serves as a placeholder (of sorts).

First, I’ll talk about organization.

Everything’s stripy now! That should help readability.

I… oh dang. I forgot this revision changed the ability and defense score names. Well, they shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Fortitude is Constitution, Intellect is Intelligence. Awareness is Wisdom. Willpower is Charisma. Armor, Reflex, Mettle, and Resolve are AC, Reflex, Fortitude, and Will respectively.

Ability scores switched sides. It’s on the left now. They’re rolled first. That was true before, but I figured I’d start in the upper left-hand corner and work around clockwise instead of the upper right-hand corner.

Hit points are directly below abilities. That’s where they were before, but now they’re on the left side as well. I dropped armor, weapon, and implement proficiency because they were placeholders and I needed the space.

They might come back in a later revision.

Weapon slots is an idea I’ve been mulling over for… a few years. It resemblea the way you switch weapons in Diablo 2, Borderlands, or Guild Wars. The former gave you up to two weapon slots, the latter two gave you four. What I’m giving you is the option to carry up to “four hands’ worth of stuff.” Kind of.

A one-handed weapon takes up one slot, but so does a two-handed weapon. A shield takes up one slot, and a shield is effectively a one-handed weapon. So, you could carry four two-handed spears, or some combination of one- and two-handed weapons. Per the reminder test, swapping weapons is a Move action.

Don’t go digging around in your pack during a fight. Just… don’t.

I’ll talk more about weapon slots in another post.

Consequences. This is the death spiral mechanic. I was going to call it “condition rating” after Star Wars Saga Edition, or “trauma” for Bliss Stage, or “Wounds” after Vampire the Masquerade, then I thought I’d just call it “Death Spiral,” but then the Dresden Files RPG introduced me to “Consequences.”

Whenever you’re reduced to 0 hit points or less by an attack, you roll “mercy or grace” (2d6) to see how bad off you are. This is a death & dismemberment table. A “mortal wound,” as it were, may knock you down, hurt you, or kill you.

I’ve borrowed from all the games above with regard to how consequences affect your PC, but that will be the content of a separate post.

Obligations occupy the upper right-hand corner now, and currently appear over even name and level. There’s a ‘subtle’ hint as to how important obligations are to your character’s identity… mmyes.

Obligations will play a different role in each ‘tier’ of the game, requiring a choice to be made at some point. Alignment: Destiny or Agency? Patron deity (5)? Allegiance (10)? These will help determine access to ‘prestige classes’ later.

Miscellany is much as it was before, but separated from obligations obviously.

Relationships are a new thing which will (probably) help determine what kind of outside assistance your character can receive. Arrange the six relationships however you please within the pyramid.

Skill training switched sides. That may be the only unchanged thing.