…And I’ll show you mine.

5e Basic went live over the weekend.

In “reply,” I’m going to post alpha designs of my new 4e basic classes.

These are part of my “Roll 34” project, which is a play on two ideas: first, that it builds on the best of 3e and 4e D&D and second… well, Internet Rule 34.

Finally are the Shadow classes — one of each role.

I’ve unfortunately run out of time to describe each class in loving detail, and I want to make sure these are all online before the end of the week. I might have one last surprise for you on Monday… maybe. Then I’ll upload compilations.

Shadow striker
Link: v.0 download

This class is basically a vampire. The shadow classes, of all the classes, have the weakest archetype names. I’ve tried a bunch of different names and titles for these but they always sound like monsters. Some are, some aren’t. #LeSigh

Shadow defender
Link: v.0 download

In the end, there can be only one.

Shadow controller
Link: v.0 download

Necromancers. This particular one is a reworking of the Reanimator class I built some time back. It’s one of the “weakest” of the archetypes right now because I haven’t come up with a really good method of taking it down different paths — and I don’t want every Necromancer to be exactly the same. I will need to experiment with “minion tactics” before this class goes Beta.

Shadow leader
Link: v.0 download

This is the familiar I always wanted. Demonic Possession is so cool.

I haven’t decided how best to differentiate the Warlock’s powers from the Prince’s, but I’m working on it. I will probably go more toward the 4e Shaman with the Warlock, but I don’t know yet.