…And I’ll show you mine.

5e Basic went live over the weekend.

In “reply,” I’m going to post alpha designs of my new 4e basic classes.

These are part of my “Roll 34” project, which is a play on two ideas: first, that it builds on the best of 3e and 4e D&D and second… well, Internet Rule 34.

Next are the Arcane classes — one of each role.

Arcane striker
Link: v.0 download

Ah, the Enchanter. This class borrows ideas from a number of attempts over the years to produce a combat-oriented magic-user. 3e had the Duskblade and the Hexblade, and depending on how you viewed the divisions between magic — Psychic Warriors, Soulknives, Paladins, Rangers, and quite a few more.

The Enchanter (there are some who would call me Tim) is cool. Check it out.

Arcane controller
Link: v.0 download

This is the Sorcerer that I think every Sorcerer really wanted to be — the best of what the Wizard had to offer in the “blowing things up” department.

Oh, and the Sorcerer gets an “Apprentice.” Always two, there are.

Arcane defender
Link: v.0 download

The Summoner is kind of like Magic: the Gathering in a single character class. The Summoner ‘ports in monsters to fight on his behalf, and for his party. That’s part of what makes him a defender.

The other part is the “Counterspell” power, which is totally awesome.

Arcane leader
Link: v.0 download

The Wizard is one of the biggest departures from the “classic” D&D classes I think I made. Sure, a 3e Wizard might pick up the Brew Potion feat, but without “cure light wounds” his potions were largely buffs like “bull’s strength.”

Here, I’ve come out and made the Wizard a mentor and healer. Here’s your “Obi-wan” style character. Oh, and one of his at-wills is a tele-frag attack. Or as it’s referred to in the class information, “Dynamic Entry.” Dynamic indeed.