…And I’ll show you mine.

5e Basic went live over the weekend.

In “reply,” I’m going to post alpha designs of my new 4e basic classes.

These are part of my “Roll 34” project, which is a play on two ideas: first, that it builds on the best of 3e and 4e D&D and second… well, Internet Rule 34.

Next are the four Elemental classes — one of each role.

Elemental striker
Link: v.0 download

The Essentials Executioner has one of the most deceptively awesome class features around — beginning at 3rd level, reducing an enemy to 10 hp or below results in a kill. It’s almost like getting a straight-up +10 bonus to damage.

Aside from Death Attack, the Assassin has always kind of felt like a subtype of the Rogue. It’s my aim with the Elemental affinity, to characterize the Assassin as an “ill wind.” Also, poison is going to be a lot more awesome. Because, duh?

Elemental controller
Link: v.0 download

The Conjuror might best be described as the kind of class that the 3e/4e Sorcerer always wanted to be, but never really accomplished. It’s a “primal” and yet, “sophisticated” magic-user — cherry-picking only the most heinous spells from the schools of magic that didn’t really make sense in 3e (or 4e)… like Transmutation.

Elemental defender
Link: v.0 download

One of the last classes to come out of 3e was the Knight from the PHB2. It had a pretty cool class feature that you had to wait until almost 20th level to collect. Tome of Battle added the Crusader. This is a spiritual successor to both.

Oh, the Knight’s schtick? Temporary hit points. Like, he gets them — and nobody else does. Do you know how cool 4e thp are? If not, you’re missing out.

Elemental leader
Link: v.0 download

The Prince is one of the first wholly-original classes among these — not just re-built, re-flavored, or re-balanced but you know, new. It takes the idea of fighting fire with fire down the road of actually commanding the fire to attack itself.

Best you bend a knee — his wish is your command.