…And I’ll show you mine.

5e Basic went live over the weekend.

In “reply,” I’m going to post alpha designs of my new 4e basic classes.

These are part of my “Roll 34” project, which is a play on two ideas: first, that it builds on the best of 3e and 4e D&D and second… well, Internet Rule 34.

Next are the four Primal classes — one of each role.

Primal striker
Link: v.0 download

Charge Attack has been a bit of a game-breaker since at least 3e. Not only is it another problematic maneuver to explain — move at least 10 feet, have line of sight to target, move in a straight line, get a +1 bonus to melee attacks — it establishes an economy of action that is a “win” button in many situations.

One of the best ways I’ve found to rein in “game breakers” is to make them exclusive to one class. I can also simplify them — now charging is easy! As a Standard action: move up to 5 squares, attack, then end turn. Boom!

Primal leader
Link: v.0 download

When is it ever cool to play a Bard? I’ll tell you! When another player at the table rolls a near-miss, and you remind them they get a +1 from of your Bardic Music. If you played a 3e Bard, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

When did it stop being cool to play a Bard? In 4e, let me tell you. Sure they had some cool powers… but none of them made up for the loss of Bardic Music.

Primal controller
Link: v.0 download

The friend who got me into D&D once told me about how the Druid played before the advent of 3e. It was a moving tale and I wish I had time to share it with you.

Sadly, this Druid is not that Druid. More importantly, it’s neither the 3e, Wild-Shaping CoDzilla nor… whatever the 4e Druid was supposed to be.

This new Druid is a distillation of the best Mother Nature has to offer — a beast companion that will knock you down and tear your throat out.

Probably a bear. Almost definitely a bear.

Primal Defender
Link: v.0 download

This Warden is a 4e Warden that is also a Ranger. Is that crazy? This class is at its core, a spiritual successor to both the 3e/4e Two-Weapon Fighting Ranger (and the 4e Scout) and the 4e Warden. Why? Because a shield is a weapon.

You heard me. The shield is a weapon. If you use a weapon in one hand, and you have a shield in your other hand, you are a two-weapon fighter. Now is it crazy? Just, you know what? Go watch a documentary on shield-fighting.