…And I’ll show you mine.

5e Basic went live over the weekend.

In “reply,” I’m going to post alpha designs of my new 4e basic classes.

These are part of my “Roll 34” project, which is a play on two ideas: first, that it builds on the best of 3e and 4e D&D and second… well, Internet Rule 34.

First are the four Martial classes — one of each role.

Martial defender
Link: v.0 download

The basic Fighter is the master of the Melee Basic Attack. He has not one but two “MBA replacement” powers — Power Attack and Quick Attack. Power Attack trades accuracy for damage, and Quick Attack trades damage for accuracy.

As MBA replacements, they can be used whenever an ally grants you a basic attack and whenever you get an Opportunity Attack or Counterattack.

Martial leader
Link: v.0 download

Tired of explaining flanking rules to new players? I know I am. Let’s make everyone’s life easier by not only making flanking easier to explain (two allies adjacent to the same enemy!) but also limiting it to just this one class.

The 4e Warlord had a lot going for him, and it was a blast playing as one. This is a spiritual successor to both the 3e Marshal and the 4e Warlord.

Martial controller
Link: v.0 download

Raise your hand if you don’t have time for grappling rules! Like flanking (see the Marshal, above), grappling has been the bane of the new player’s existence for as long as it’s had a subsystem within combat. How do we fix this problem?

First: make the effects really simple. Second: give it to the coolest class. In the beginning, there was Backstab. Then came Sneak Attack. Then Backstab again. Now, the Rogue chokes things. It seemed like a natural progression.

Martial striker
Link: v.0 download

The Scout was inspired by one feat and a playstyle that emerged in our current campaign. “Steady Shooter” is a Paragon-tier, game-changing feat that appeared in the PHB. +3 damage if you wait to move until after your attack. Incredible.

It’s a character class unto itself. Such a simple mechanic to remember and use. Move after your attack if you want the damage bonus. The implications are fantastic. It’s everything you wanted from an “aimed” attack.