I never remember who I tell about what.

Walls are cool. I like walls. I actually really like how 4e handles walls, using them as a way to dictate a range or area of effect. They sort of occupy their own, very tiny niche of spells — notation for a Wall spell is like this:

Area wall 8 within 10 squares.

I think you get the idea.

Walls are a subtype of “Area-” range powers. Alongside area powers, you have melee, ranged, and close powers. They’re comparable to area-burst, close-blast, and close-burst in effect types. They can be cumbersome though.

Walls don’t get a whole lot of support in the rest of the system, which is a real shame. Only a couple classes get walls and they’re treated much as they were in previous editions — “fire and forget.”

I don’t recall if any of the 4e walls can be moved after they’re created.

An effect types that does get a lot of support however, are zones. Zones as an effect type aren’t new to 4e, but they got a lot more support than I think they’ve ever had before — for some reason. I don’t know why. Zones are cool.

My thoughts on the subject of walls and zones go kind of like this:
– “Wall” is an area type.
– “Zone” is an effect type.

Therefore, why not have a “wall” create a “zone,” instead of keeping the two powers so separate and distinct — where walls get no rules support and zones get well, let’s just say more than none. Here’s how I’d refer to it in-text:

Effect: The wall creates a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn.

I understand Guild Wars 2 did some cool stuff with combination attacks — Elementalists create walls that allies can shoot through, or act within, gaining some neat bonus or effect. DnD Walls have a hard time doing that, but Zones?

Zones we can work with — combo attacks are going to be a thing.

Remember at the beginning of my post when I said I don’t remember who I tell what? Well, combo attacks are another thing I don’t remember talking about. Like, Player A uses a power, and Player B uses another power, and the two powers work together to create a cool effect. Like Dual Techs in Chrono Trigger.

I can just imagine some people reading this and saying, “Dual techs from Chrono Trigger? Why didn’t you say that earlier?” And I’d reply, “What did I just say? I don’t REMEMBER if I said so or not. Jeez. There’s SO much going on here.”

I’m only trying to make the best game ever. Cut me some slack.

OH. Right. I almost forgot another thing about walls.

Another thing D&D does with walls is make them big. If I want tactical walls then BIG walls are hard to place. If I want movable walls, I don’t want them hard to redraw. Big, movable, malleable walls represent a problem.

So what about a thing like Dungeon Tiles to represents walls. That’s cool, right? Except they have to be able to take on any shape the wall can take, which means big walls are still hard to represent.

What if ALL walls were the same size? A standard size. How big would YOU make them? What if ALL WALLS were composed of exactly FOUR squares.