Link: War of the Arrows (2011)

AH! This movie was AWESOME!

There are a bunch of movies I want to compare this to — I honestly had no expectations going in, and I was totally blown away. I want to call it “The Terminator in ancient Korea.” Arrows were clearly the weapons of choice.

I seriously lost count of how many times people got stabbed with arrows.

So I had a hard time following the beginning because I didn’t know anything about the history and there was a time skip after the opening scenes — I was pretty sure I was watching the protagonist some fifteen years and a beard later, but still.

This was a movie kind of like Apocalypto (or The Terminator as mentioned before), where the entire film is essentially an extended chase scene.

War of the Arrows made me want to go and read about the time period to see what happened between China and Korea, and how much liberty was taken for the sake of a movie. My favorite part — this is kind of crazy…

So the protagonist has been chasing after the Invader Prince right, so he can rescue his sister. Protagonist takes the Prince hostage at sword-point, restrains him in his own cloak, douses him in oil, and then maintains a one-man standoff with the guards for hours until the fires burn down.

He then lit up Invader Prince using the coals, dragged IP back into the royal pavilion, set the pavilion on fire, and made good his own getaway.

This was not a nice movie, but it was awesome.

Also, there is a tiger. It’s important. Remember the tiger.


Uh, it’s in Korean I think? I watched it with subtitles on Netflix.