I started in on the Arcane archetypes earlier this week.

By happy coincidence, I realized I could incorporate my work on the “five new wizards” from — I’m too lazy to look up when that was, but recently — one of them became a Shadow archetype (Defiler), one became a Divine archetype (Exorcist), and one will become the new Sorcerer (Evoker).

I recalled my design for the “Space Invader” at-will power from February — that one I looked up because I wanted to see if I remembered the effect wording correctly — and realized two things made this awesome for the New Wizard.

The New Wizard is a leader. Not a controller. The New Wizard has a healing power, simply referred to as “Healing Potion” for the time being, which works like every other leader-heal — it’s a Close Burst 5, and heals one target as a Minor action.

Space Invader will allow the New Wizard a form of “dynamic entry” into the melee, so he can drop a much-needed heal and potentially push away a dangerous foe before they can deliver a finishing blow. I like giving slide powers to leader.

The New Wizard will also have a class feature simply called “Mage Armor,” which provides a flat bonus to AC so long as the Wizard wears Cloth or no armor. You know, I was talking about wanting to get away from the “Gandalf” archetype for Wizards, but making the Wizard a leader is probably the wrong direction.

Hopefully people will be too busy tele-fragging each other.

The Sorcerer is going to receive all the traditional D&D Wizard spells — Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Acid Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and so forth. He’ll be awesome, probably the coolest controller with all those crazy powers.

And that will be the divide.

The Wizard will be a leader. The Sorcerer will be a controller. The Sorcerer will inherit all the cool old spells from the Wizard, and the Wizard will go on to be something different. I don’t know about “better” but definitely different.