This interlude occurs directly after the events detailed here.
Link: “Murder And Kidnapping”

Continued from Part 1.

Graves’ imminent departure worries Akordia, though she doesn’t voice her concerns. Chet says something about returning to The Countess who gave him information about the kidnapping. Akordia nods him farewell, and glances around the room to check on the others.

Those who hadn’t been sent on tasks are drinking heavily. Although she doesn’t see Chandra. Nadia is talking in subdued tones with Quinn. Not surprising, given his years spent teaching the young.

As Nightfox arrives, annoyed that he missed all the fun after being delayed at the House of Stirling, Akordia slips out, idly pulling a few sheets of parchment from a hidden pocket of her blouse.

With Graves soon to be gone, there wasn’t anyone in the party with enough of the protector mentality for Akordia’s peace of mind. Quinn would try, as would the others, but their talents were more in the vein of killing things or sneaking about, not keeping others safe.

Of course she hadn’t given Flint all of the dossiers she had prepared.

She arrived in her chambers just after Mika had finished prepping the ritual.

“Send me to Fallcrest, Mika. The Mage’s Guild there owes me several favors; I’ll have them send me back. Stick around though, Hopefully I’ll want you to escort a new addition back to Stark’s Inn soon.”

“Graves has been roped into an impromptu farewell party, so it will be a bit before he’s ready to go. I have another errand to run while I’m there, I should be back by tomorrow morning.”

Akordia pulls a hooded cloak on, not wanting to draw attention to her pierced and tattooed face, so common her in Gloomwrought but nearly unheard of in a place like Fallcrest.

Once there, Akordia looks over the dossier, and then heads to the seedy part of town. She’s been there before, and needed no directions.

Stopping in front of a tavern incongruously called the Laughing Nymph, she ducks inside and makes a few quiet inquiries. The information she finds leads her to another, even dirtier, tavern, The Beard of the Dragon. Slouching in a back corner, trying to avoid being noticed, is her target.

“Sean Randy, formerly of the Fallcrest Regulars. I have a proposition for you.”

“I’m offering you a chance to serve again, albeit in a slightly different way. I’m also offering you a chance to get away from Joesiphina for a while, until you’re ready to return and deal with him once and for all.”

“My name is Akordia, and I serve the Raven Queen. There is a group of adventurers, a… varied lot to be sure, but one who has done a lot of good for the city of Gloomwrought.”

“Due to recent events I find myself needing to place my little sister under their protection, and I want to hire someone else to help keep her safe. I know your past, and I know you’re up to the job.”

Akordia leads him to the Mage’s Guild, and the mages begin opening a portal back to Gloomwrought.

“Once you get there, tell the wolf that Akordia sent you, and to show you to Stark’s Inn.”

Before Randy can even comment on the oddity of being told to tell a wolf anything, Akorida is gone, slipping out of the portal room without a sound.