As part of world building and showing the consequences of their actions I as the DM have been writing brief interludes and explanations on the city of Gloomwrought. Some of these deal with the party itself, others their ally Akordia and her party, and some detail the city at large. It has become more and more helpful as our version of Gloomwrought continually diverges from the source material while still incorporating new elements of it as we go along.

This interlude occurs directly after the events detailed here.
Link: “Murder And Kidnapping”

The human pirates captured, their Shadar-Kai leader killed messily by Doctor Stark’s arm-mounted miniature pistol, Akordia turns away from the scene to Nadia, frantically making sure that the stab wounds she took to the torso have healed properly, and that she hasn’t taken any other physical injuries during her thankfully brief captivity.

“I was worried about this happening. My enemies are too many, and ruthless enough to make demons cringe. It isn’t safe for you anymore in the temple.”

She glances over her shoulder at the party, her friends who without a word of complaint put themselves in danger to rescue someone they hadn’t even ever met. “I want you to stay with them, Nadia. They may look a little eccentric, but they have proven themselves very capable warriors, and they are the only people I can be sure aren’t secretly working for Kalarel or one of the other groups in the city.”

The group gathers up their prisoners, leaving the body behind as a warning to their enemies after searching it for useful items and clues. Since it is the nearest safe place they know of, they return to Arly’s inn, joined by Akordia’s own party who had been keeping everyone else away from the armory while the party did its work.

When they reach the inn, Graves asks for a moment of Akordia’s time. He tells her he’s been uncomfortable here, away from the keep that was his home for literally centuries, especially as the rift is only buried, not destroyed. He asks Akordia to send him back to Winter Haven, so he can rebuild the keep and build a new force to protect not only the rift, but the country surrounding it as well.

“I can’t say I won’t regret losing you here. Having someone as incorruptible as you to help me out is invaluable, but you’re right that the keep shouldn’t just be left unattended.” She motions for Mika to come over, stretched out before the fire in her wolf form, as she almost always is. “Mika, would you go with Graves to the gateroom of the temple, and send him to Winter Haven? He has a task he’ll be completing for me, as well as for himself.”

The wolf nods and pads out of the room, not waiting to see if Graves follows. Before he can, Drowski comes over, having heard some of the discussion.

“You must celebrate with us before you go,” Drowski says, dragging him over to a table. He orders more alcohol.

Akordia gestures for her brother, Ovid. “Go to the safehouse and retrieve all of Nadia’s things. She won’t be safe anywhere but with Chet and his allies.”

Ovid looks like he’s going to argue, his mouth opening to say something, but then he just shakes his head.

“I know what you’re going to say, but she can’t stay with us either. Our work is far too dangerous for one so young. There is danger in what they do also, but it is still much safer than our path. While you’re there, check for any signs of magical activity. I already looked for divine magic, but the only signatures I found were Nadia’s and my own.”

Without needing to be called, Nila and Ninaran, elven mother and daughter, come over the Akordia.

“You’re still new to the city, and haven’t been identified as my allies yet. Get out there; find out whatever you can about this kidnapping. Stick together, however. Since they don’t know you’re my allies they also don’t know you’re under my protection.”

The pair nods silently and then leaves, but not before Arly approaches them and asks if she might come as well, as she wants to meet some of their contacts and use the time to make some contacts of her own.

Concluded in Part 2.