I updated the page for Flintheart’s Heroes this morning.

I’d love to do a session-by-session recap — I do keep a ton of notes and I honestly remember a lot of what happens, perhaps from years of maintaining continuity via game-mastering — I just don’t have the patience. Instead I keep general notes.

After playing my dwarf Cleric of Moradin Flinthear Glomgold throughout the paragon tier, I’m ready to retire him. He won’t be going away of course, he’ll just take a backseat for the rest of the campaign. Perhaps in an administrative role.

My new character will require quite a bit more effort and skill to play however, as I intend to exploit many elements of our setting — the city of Gloomwrought — for my character’s personal gain. I might have to post actual play reports due to the complexity of my plots and schemes.

What follows should be considered “spoilers” to anyone participating in the game as a player. You have been warned.

I’ll give you a moment to stop reading.

No really, reading this could put your character at risk.

So I’ve obtained permission from our game master to play an evil character. This doesn’t mean the same thing to me that it does to anyone else I can think of — see, as a player, I’m a team player. I’m playing the game, not the players.

I don’t play Paladins who “police” the party and try to arrest the Thief when he steals. That’s stupid. When I play a Thief, I consider the party “off-limits” unless there’s an open understanding between players that back-stabbing among the party is allowed. Even then, I’d rather work with the party.

That said, I intend to play an evil character to the party’s benefit.

What kind of evil character you ask? A dark elf warlock (Essentials Binder class) with the Sidhe Lord theme. This is pretty close to a “dream” character for me. As a Warlock, the Binder is Charisma-based, with (nearly) the full suite of Charisma-based skills: Bluff, Intimidate, and Streetwise. I’ve also trained Thievery.

My Secrets of the City power enables me to make Streetwise checks in place of Arcana, History, Religion, and Intelligence checks, and my Connected feat allows me roll twice for every Streetwise check and take the better result.

So I can know pretty much anything I want.

In short, that’s (most of) the Charisma-based skills and all the Intelligence-based skills at my fingertips. Including Intelligence ability checks. I realize there may be “gaps” in my Diplomacy and Wisdom-based skill set but I’ll roleplay those.

I went ahead and took the Learned Spellcaster feat so I can have access to all Wizard implements (orb, staff, tome, wand), Ritual Casting, and training in the Nature skill — since I have the other Knowledge skills via Streetwise.

I’ve been going back and forth with the GM about the various factions and power players in the city and have built up a rough contact list. It includes ambassadors to each the City of Brass and the Court of the Stars, a shadar-kai drug dealer, a dark elf slave master, a vampire or lich (undecided), and a few others.

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fun.