Rumors of War has fan fiction!

I would like to direct your attention over to Cirsova, where Alex has retold the events of the comic in prose form:

Cirsova – Rumors of War

My favorite bit is the exchange between Kratos and the minstrel:

The young woman looked at Kratos warily for a moment before answering. “Yes, I am. Is there anything you’d care to hear?”

Kratos thought for a moment. There was that lullaby his mother used to growl to him when he refused to go to sleep. “Yes! Do you know the one that goes ‘raLAAtralalaluuRAAlalalalilielee’?”


Kratos reached into his pocket. Then his other pocket. And then his other pocket. And then his first pocket again. Lint, string, a chicken bone, but certainly no money to pay this fine lady for the song she had just played.

This was of course written before Kratos started accusing the minstrel of anything, I would be interested to see how this would effect these earlier scenes. It’s fascinating to see varied interpretations of a story from the audience.

Alex’s rendition of the well scene is particularly stirring.

In writing the scene for the comic, I envisioned Kratos’s humorous inquisitiveness taking a turn for the dramatic and suspenseful — Mood Whiplash — and I think that translated very well into prose.

Different people focus on different details of the narrative, which can wind up turning into different stories all together. I knew nothing of The Hunger Games before I saw the first trailers, and I arrived at what I thought was a reasonable conclusion that it was “Battle Royale with vampires.”

You can probably imagine my disappointment with the actual film.

If you want to write or draw something inspired by the comic, let me know and I will give it a shout out on my blog!