I haven’t been keeping up session summaries. Simply put — as much as I might enjoy reading them, I don’t get much out of composing them, and so I generally don’t have the patience for writing them. It can be hard to keep track of what everyone at the table is doing, and players get mad when they’re left out.

Our group has had a lot of player turnover.

The party consisted of — until the end of the session:
– Dwarf Cleric
– Human Assassin (Executioner)
– Human Rogue (Thief)
– Human Wizard (Mage)
– Satyr Warlock (Hexblade)
– Shardmind Hybrid/Shaman
– Warforged Swordmage

That’s four Essentials characters.

We had only just defeated Kalarel in a battle beneath the Shadowfell Keep when the collateral damage we caused in a previous battle caused the ceiling to start coming down around us (a justified example of Collapsing Lair), forcing us to follow Kalarel through the gate and into the Shadowfell.

We arrived in a tower that appeared to be the personal demesne of Kalarel. We searched around a bit for loot when one of our number triggered a magical alarm that began summoning monstrous lizardfolk. And fire elementals.

The party was separated when the alarm triggered — several characters were trapped in a tiny room that began peppered them with piercing icicle shards and filled with freezing cold water. The others were left to fight summoned foes.

After breaking down picking the lock on the door, the group reunited to fight what appeared to be an endless supply of summoned foes. The party couldn’t reach a consensus on whether to fight or flee and soon separated again.

Flint received a Sending from their employer Akordia, indicating the party should retreat to the roof. The party eventually made their way up — though not before slaughtering several waves of summoned elementals. Now stranded on the roof, the party saw Akordia and several allies fighting their way toward the tower.

A hastily-anchored zip line allowed most of the party to travel safely to the top of a nearby stable — Flint utterly failed to grasp the zip line (interpret that how you will) and tumbled seventy feet from the roof to the base of the tower.


The party regrouped with Akordia’s band and fought through a gang of earth elemental guardians before they realized more were coming. Their combined forces were no match for the reinforcements and so they fled. Akordia led the group through the streets of Gloomwrought as the ranks of pursuers grew.

Coming to a long bridge, the party faced the realization that the elementals would overtake them, and they could stand and fight or die running.

Driscoll provided the group with a third option.

As a Warlock with an Elemental Pact, Driscoll was uniquely armed to “commune” with the bridge guardian — including winged gargoyles and the bridge itself.

Driscoll volunteered to remain behind and allow the party a chance to escape across the bridge. Flint was not pleased. After a few words (Flint doesn’t talk much), they parted and Driscoll activated the bridge guardians.

A climactic battle occurred on and over the bridge, with the gargoyles making short work of the elementals until an enormous elemental crushed Driscoll just before the bridge grabbed the creature and dragged it down into the bay.

“This is how I go!”
–Driscoll, last words

Akordia led the party to a safehouse/inn, where the session ended.