We were down a couple players this week. Our Warforged and Shardmind were absent for a uh, a work thing, I think. That left us with only four of our regular players for most of the session. We were joined about halfway through the session by our Mage, who was late… also due to a work thing.

So, first things first — Flint was in a bad state, and wandered off by himself. He only spoke to one person before he did — that party’s Assassin, Chet.

Chet and Nightfox, without “adult supervision” — really just meaning Flint or Graves — decided to live it up in the tavern. Our GM decided to implement the “drinking” rules I recently devised, which treat alcohol as “poison damage.”

Chet and Nightfox were joined in a drinking contest by the bar’s owner, an elf Hunter by the name of Arly, and a dark elf called Drowski. After making some friends — and passing out with them — they called it a night.

It was after Quinn showed up that anyone else took notice of Flint’s absence — Nightfox went in search of the Dwarf and found him wandering the streets in a daze. Flint admitted with some regret that he had been mugged — he had been responsible for carrying the majority of the party’s treasure.

Flint resigned as leader of the party and swore off drinking. A minor dispute erupted between Chet and Quinn as to whom should lead the party with Flint stepping down and taking leave from adventuring.

Unable to set aside their differences, Chet and Quinn decided to take to an underground fighting ring to determine which one of them would lead.

Quinn backed down but Nightfox decided to take the fight instead. Just before entering the ring, Chet detected a poison in the drink he had just finished… and identified from trace amounts a poison that would kill him within a few days.

After the fight — which Chet won despite his condition — he was approached by a dark elf woman called Chandra who claimed that someone was trying to kill him. He told her he was poisoned and asked if she had an antidote.

Chandra revealed that she was working with Drowski, whom the group had met the night before, and claimed to be investigating a group called the Veiled League. She believed their group to be responsible for poisoning Chet.

She agreed to treat Chet, and invited him and the rest of the party back to the apartment she shared with Drowski, where she provided a curative infusion.

When the party then attempted to collect their winnings from betting on Chet’s fight, they were met by Akordia who offered to “pay” them with equipment from out of her organization’s armory — which is where the session ended.