Today’s post is a reference to the trope Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.

You can take a guess as to which was missing from last night — while we did get some yuks, it was a pretty serious session overall.

We were down two players — it looks like one has had to depart due to a scheduling conflict. It’s too bad, really. We hadn’t had the opportunity to integrate his character very well — and it’s getting pretty intense lately.

We picked up where we left off — the party had just “raided” the armory of the Ebony Guard — with Akordia’s permission of course. Lots of new equipment was picked up, I couldn’t really keep track of all the new stuff.

Our group headed back to Arly’s bar for the night. The next morning, Akordia burst in on us with a ransom note she had received — a depraved ruffian with remarkably poor spelling and grammar skills had kidnapped her sister and was demanding that she hand over a key to the Ebony Guard armory.

Akordia said there’d be no negotiations, and asked us to quickly and quietly rescue her sister. We set out at once to find the kidnappers. On the way to “Execution Dock” we were beset by animate masonry where the city was re-purposing an abandoned building.

Graves and Nightfox were badly injured in the ensuing battle, and both were revived by Drowski before they could succumb to the debris. Drowski openly suggested that the two of them now owed him their lives.

Chet commented on Drowski’s unusual attitude toward life-debts.

The party continued on to the Cracked Keel, where the encountered three halfling street urchins called Con, Lon, and Shon. While the party interviewed barflies, Graves received a message by courier from “The Countess.”

A dominatrix working in the Veiled League brothel called, “House of Sterling” claimed to have information relevant to the party’s kidnapping investigation. She requested their presence at once, and the party made the decision to split up to cover more ground — Chet and Nightfox went to meet The Countess.

Meanwhile Arly, Graves, and Drowski hit the streets following up on leads.

Both groups arrived at the same conclusion — a group of pirates operating out of Execution Dock had kidnapped Akordia’s sister, and the group — minus Nightfox who remained at the House of Sterling — investigated the hideout.

As the party closed in on the pirate’s hideout, Chet received a Sending from Akordia that the pirates had gotten impatient and intended to force her into opening the armory by holding her sister at knife-point.

The party raced back to the armory and launched a surprise attack on the pirates from under cover of invisibility, thanks to a handy Warlock’s Ally.

The battle was over in a matter of moments. The leader of the pirates was charmed to attack her companions, sowing chaos enough that Graves could teleport Akordia’s sister to safety. Arly was then able to messily dispatch the pirate leader, prompting her companions to surrender.

There, the session ended.