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The new comic has started!

I’m continuing my work to bridge characters and settlements by way of a Public Works or Projects system. Funny how one small change may inspire several larger, more important changes in a system. The small change was Awareness.

Last week I did some reading about studies of consciousness (human and otherwise), which prompted me to review my ability scores — some time back I replaced “Wisdom” with “Willpower” in an effort to nail down something closer to what I imagined. A couple days back I made “Awareness” the new Wisdom.

My process of creating parallels between character, rumor/subplot, and settlement scores suggested to me that I needed something different to reflect this change on the ability score level — Awareness corresponds to Politics.

I remember spotting a rule section (which I admittedly didn’t actually read) in… one of the D&D clones I was reviewing… about partying, specifically “carousing,” as a downtime activity. Once I realized that I wanted to make that a “thing,” but when I couldn’t find the original source, I just made something up.

I will probably need to find yet another term to replace Projects/Public Works. Despite my desire to see these things used for “good,” what will probably happen is an endless parade of well, parades. Parades, feasts, holidays, and such will be the standard, low-level option for character advancement.

And I really mean that. “I go to the tavern and get drunk,” will probably be one of the easiest ways to gain XP at the lowest levels of play. It actually… kind of makes sense. PCs will have other options, like sacrifice and tithing, but this system will also award XP to the players for living it up at the tavern.

And why not? It’s what they’re going to do anyway.

Patronizing the local drinking hall (or brothel…) is as much an investment in character development as spell research or shopping for/selling magic items.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that at present, Public Works and Projects probably won’t actually be a system unto itself — I mean, not at first. For all that I’ve talked it up, a lot of the details will be left to the group. I mean, it’ll have rules and guidelines — to be expanded upon at some later time.

I honestly don’t think I can cover the full spectrum of Public Works and Projects in the core rulebook. I mean, that’s probably the first thing I’ve designed so far where I just raised my arms in surrender. Basic rules and guidelines, sure… but an in-depth system will have to wait. There’s a lot to do before that.

Classes, I’m prepared to do. Races? Sure! And I’m already two-thirds of the way through Trades. Public Works are going to be something else.