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The new comic has started!

I don’t like to waste your time with my blog posts. Much of my time lately has been absorbed by side projects about which I can’t say much — with comic updates being the primary source of content for the site.

Last week my thoughts were on skills and gear. This week, I think I’ll devote some time to difficulty. This morning I reflected on the “Platform Hell” genre of video games — where fiendish difficulty is pretty much the name of the game.

You could almost call “Hell” an entire genre of video games. There’s Bullet Hell (technically unrelated, but thematically related nonetheless), Platform Hell, and tropes related to “Fake Difficulty” — I’m pretty sure there are a lot of games out there of the Hell-type that have yet to be codified.

They feature gameplay based on a combination of luck, focus, and mastery.

I think this topic likely came about through a combination of factors converging from last week’s tangents — reviewing Egoraptor’s Sequelitis (Castlevania’s difficulty) and a discussion cookiemonger and I had about GM responsibility following Spoony’s “Let’s Split Up” entry in his Counter Monkey series.

My first thought this morning was about traps in tabletop roleplaying.

It boiled down to this: Invisible. Unavoidable. Instant death. Pick two.

Almost as soon as I imagined this formula, I began coming up with counterpoints to it — but I think it’s a good a starting place as anything else. We’ll see if I make some progress on Difficulty this week. I’ll share anything I come up with.