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I can’t say there’s ever been a time when I really liked point-buy, because even in the early days when I was just starting to play D&D, I wanted my players to roll for their ability scores. We all wanted high scores, but I still wanted them rolled.

As characters became more complicated toward the end of 3e’s run — and even moreso with 4e — I wasn’t as interested in having the players roll for ability scores. Once or twice, I allowed point-buy because we had a consensus.

I understand when it comes to tournament or convention play — it’s just a way to keep things balanced across the board without too much investment of resources to root out the cheaters — however rare they may be.

But I don’t want point-buy at my table, and I think I know why.

Point-buy is something you can (and will) do away from the table, it’s expectations and planning independent of the game, without input from the other players. Since you can tinker with your character sheet away from prying eyes, you’re less inclined to take suggestions from the other players.

This can be true for game masters as well.

I’m not saying that you need dice to tell the story — but I think they help you to play the game. One of the things I’ve always argued is that roleplaying games also need to be games. They need objectives and parameters.

The 3e Skill System unnerves me. A whole bunch of points to be assigned everywhere. There are different costs, and different skills have varying utility. Madness. I like Airship Pirates, Eclipse Phase, and The Laundry Files, but for setting and inspiration more than rules. That sounds like a thing.

“I read Eclipse Phase for the articles.” *clears throat*

Some choices must be present in character creation — and adventure development — but I think there should be fewer of these choices for everyone’s sake. They can be broad, sweeping effects like Race or Class, but in my opinion they should generally impact playstyle more than gameplay.