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Earlier this week, while going over Rumor details, I think I found a connection between objectives and the special features granted by Trades.

For example, “Conceal (item)” is a “Roguish” objective that would be easily accomplished by a character with the Smuggler Trade — a Smuggler has the “Hideaway” feature, and can safely “stash” objects for up to a week.

Not all of the objectives work this way, for better or worse. “Rescue (NPC)” could certainly benefit from a PC with the Fugitive or Laborer Trades — Laborer confers the “Anonymous” feature, allowing them to blend in with a population.

Some objectives are so straightforward that any adventurer could pull them off without the “Win” button a Trade might afford — delivering, destroying, or “acquiring” objects are all examples, as well as disabling or protecting an NPC.

The benefit from a design perspective is that I can cross-reference objectives with Trades and look for gaps in both lists. Some Trades will be well-suited to completing certain objectives — like the Smuggler — and I’m probably missing some objectives that would make for fantastic adventures.

On a similar but only tangentially-related note, I realized that by removing location-based objectives from the mix, I’ve made the system modular in such a fashion that either the Settlement- or Dungeon-generation systems can be used to fill in the blanks when creating a new Rumor or Subplot.

What that means is that whenever a Rumor or Subplot is rolled up, you can then either roll up a new Settlement or Dungeon or use an existing one to function as the “adventure site” for that Rumor.

Once you’re done with that, you can roll up new NPCs to be the actors in the drama, or as with locations, add pre-generated or existing NPCs.

You can wind up with an entire adventure on a single page (sans monster stat blocks — more on those later) largely built around the initial Rumor. You can build on an existing world if you want, assuming you’ve created a supporting cast and some places already — or you can just as easily create a new one out of thin air.

What have I done.