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I mentioned before that I was working on stuff for Rumors and Subplots, and here’s the current list of objectives I’ve developed for each of the skill groups — warrior, rogue, and mage. Important to know before looking at these tables is a few things about the Skill system I’m using right now:

There are 12 Skills — break, charm, coerce, detect, discern, effort, escape, focus, logic, lore, sneak, and speed — which break down into three groups of four. Skills aren’t assigned by class, but instead players choose a group together, and every PC in the group gain the “trained” bonus for the associated skills.

The Skill “training” bonus replaces a character’s normal ability modifier, which means for example, that the Fighter clad in heavy armor with a 5 Dexterity can sneak alongside the Rogue. The group works together to be sneaky.

Furthermore, the players can retrain to skill groups between adventures, given a couple weeks of downtime. This serves the dual purpose of making those ability modifiers still count — not everyone is going to be good at everything without training — and forcing the hard choice of what and when to train.

Now that said, objectives can be chosen by the GM but are generally intended to be rolled up randomly. If the GM wants to throw the players a bone, he can pick their current skill group, or he can choose a different one.

Warriors (break, coerce, effort, speed)
acquire (item)
capture (NPC)
deliver (item)
destroy (item)
disable (NPC)
protect (NPC)
pursue (NPC)
rescue (NPC)

Rogues (charm, detect, escape, sneak)
conceal (item)
distract (NPC)
evade (NPC)
observe (NPC)
recover (item)
recruit (NPC)
sabotage (item)
track (NPC)

Mages (discern, focus, logic, lore)
advise (NPC)
analyze (item)
identify (NPC)
locate (item)
profile (NPC)
question (NPC)
report (NPC)
salvage (item)

You may note that the majority (5/8) of all objectives are NPC-based. There’s a reason for this — revolutionary perhaps, perhaps not — and it’s that I think adventures should be fundamentally based on interactions between characters (NPC or otherwise), and not on fantastic locations and treasure.

Dungeons and treasure are still absolutely an important part of the game, but they’re mostly the setting and window dressing — a storytelling game must be about its characters — which you can still eschew if that’s what you want.

Anyway, that’s why you won’t see some of the “location-based” objectives I once had on the list — siege, seize, defend, and so forth — because an interesting place will never be as interesting as a character. Not as an objective, anyhow.

Of course “stuff” still makes up 3/8 objectives, and that’s partly because people need stuff. “Stuff changing hands” still makes up a fair share of the game as it is, including activities like hoarding treasure and building settlements.

You may also notice some redundancies in the objectives above — those are also there for a reason. Sometimes the acquisition of a particular object requires a different set of skills — sometimes it’s as easy as walking up to it, and sometimes you have to find a needle in a haystack.