Have I mentioned the Rumors of War Relaunch Project FUNDED?
See for yourself!

The new comic has started!

I might talk big, but what have I actually done? How close am I to publishing this monstrous RPG project I’ve been working on forever?

I have to ask myself this question periodically.

“What have I actually done?”

There’s more that’s done than I sometimes remember to credit myself for — the magic system for example, has been thoroughly explored (not that it’s perfect), and designed to be inclusive so it can be better expanded later on. What does that mean? Foundation. I know what I mean when I say “Alteration.”

I’ve designed and defined seven schools of magic to cover the myriad ways characters interact with the world. I’ve assigned themes, energy types, effect types, character archetypes, power sources, and implements to each.

As for class design, I’ve covered all the familiar character archetypes and I’ve expanded on a number of concepts that generally aren’t found as playable characters in RPGs but otherwise abound in fiction. I’ve gone to lengths to find ways to make all of them not only playable but effective.

These archetypes don’t actually represent classes however — they’re the core elements found in every class that adheres to the archetype, making it possible for classes to evolve without the need to throw anything away.

It’s like if you had four players who each wanted to play a fighter from each edition of D&D — not only could they, but no one would feel out of place.

Kind of like that.

That’s magic schools and class archetypes so far. I’m still working on races but they’ll follow a similar archetype system that classes do — which should make it possible for something as bizarre as say, a long-lived character meeting younger members of their same race, albeit with different racial traits.

There are some other “done” things that can’t really hold a price tag, but are generally invaluable. Though incomplete, the Rumor/Subplot and Public Works (“Projects”) systems will probably change everything.

The game is no longer a case where the players roll up PCs, and the GM rolls up a dungeon, and then everyone plays a game of “connect the dots” to bring X and Y together. Rumors and Subplots are a real-time worldbuilding system.

In dropping XP-for-defeating-monsters and adopting XP-for-GP-spent, enhanced by the Projects/Public Works system, it becomes tremendously easy to switch rapidly between dungeon-crawling and world-/city-building.

Like what Spore would have been if it had been any good.

And you’ll watch the time fly! While combat might still be a matter of minutes, projects consume weeks and months. You’ll be able to watch your PCs grow, and maybe even celebrate a few birthdays. I haven’t addressed aging for a while.

Recently, I’ve actually been moving toward leaving things alone in light of the massive changes in infrastructure. A lot of the math has already been done for me by other designers, I’ve just made the changes under the hood that everyone else has been patching or avoiding. I’m not really smarter than anyone else.

Just, I see some of these problems for what they are. And now I’ve been at it long enough that I think I might actually be able to fix some of them.