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The new comic has started!

Funny how a little change can have larger implications.

One thing led to another. The change to Awareness gave me clues for Politics/History Projects. A chance look at the dictionary definition of “Commerce” made me realize it was redundant with “Industry,” and that set off another series of changes. I agonized over Resources and Industry.

One thing that’s bugged me was dropping “Population” as a score. I figured that Resources cover it well enough, but I just wasn’t satisfied. I think I finally realized that Resources is just too generic, and it’s hard to build a theme around it.

I dropped Resources and brought back Population as “Populace.” (I think it rolls off the tongue a little better.) A little bit of thought made me realize something I had neglected, which is important to the development of quite literally every settlement in human history. Some things are just too obvious.


So here’s the new settlement score lineup (subject to future change):

  • Populace – the strength of a settlement is its people
  • Industry – industry is the mother of prosperity
  • Location – if a place can’t move, what matters is where it’s placed
  • Science – a collected body of knowledge
  • Politics – a settlement is the sum of the relationships of its citizens
  • History – how a settlement’s people view themselves
  • Beyond dropping Resources and bringing back Populace, the biggest change to the list is “location.” Technically that’s the only other change since I added Science, Politics, and History, but I feel it’s a substantial change.

    I don’t think I can stress enough how important location is to a settlement. I mean, it’s like that quote that I totally made up so I’d have an alternative to, “Location, location, location.” When you have something — anything, really — generally unable to move under its own power, where it is matters a lot.

    Perhaps even more than before — these scores should help bring to mind the “character” of a settlement, just based on the dice. For example, a settlement with a high Populace and a low Industry likely has a lot of unemployment.

    Just tossing that one out there.