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The new comic has started!

Part of the iterative process is moving on when you get stuck, and returning to the problem after some time away. At least, that’s how I do it. So when I hit a during my work on the Dungeon generation process, I turned my attention to developing the Rumor system, and I made a lot of progress.

Working on Rumors has actually brought me back around to Dungeons, and helped me to realize which parts are no longer necessary with Rumors to set things in motion. It’s been about two and a half months since I wrote about Dungeons…

So, the Dungeon “scores” that I worked out last were Encounters, Monsters, Obstacles, Treasure, Mystery, and Reputation. With Rumors to set Challenge, Difficulty, and Complexity — the first three scores become a bit redundant.

As much as I love the idea of a “Monsters” score, I’m going to fold it into “Encounters,” which I think will ultimately prove more versatile — the Obstacles score will remain for an important reason:

Correlation between a Rumor’s “Urgency” and a Dungeon’s Obstacles.

That leaves me with room for another quasi-physical score to represent a Dungeon, and I tried to think of what the Dungeon’s equivalent of Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity would be. I had originally assumed that Encounters did the heavy-lifting, and were a good analogue to Strength.

But some Dungeons are entirely devoid of monsters.

Dungeons being stationary like Settlements suggested to me that the Obstacles score was a good analogue to Dexterity — and again, it was a good counterpoint to a Rumor’s Urgency. If Encounters are the “life” (Constitution) of a Dungeon, and Obstacles are its Dexterity… what is its “Strength?”

I thought about what a Dungeon is supposed to be. Impregnable. You throw people in a dungeon to make sure they can’t escape — some of them are fortresses, some of them are labyrinths or mazes… it occurred to me that the Strength of a Dungeon is its Security. How well it keeps people in… or out.

That left me with another problematic score — since I determined that treasure was calculated externally by the level of a Rumor, “Treasure” was redundant. I considered alternate uses for it, but I think it’s just obsolete now.

So, now I have Security, Encounters, Obstacles, Mystery, and Reputation. That leaves me with one more quasi-Mental score to figure out, if I want to maintain the parallels between scores at each stage of worldbuilding.

Reputation could work as either Wisdom or Charisma. Mystery could work as either Intelligence or Wisdom. They’re flexible enough to work with, and I think they’re important elements of Dungeon design. So, what’s the final score going to be?

I don’t know yet.