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I’ve been reviewing a number of different RPGs, looking for ideas about how best to organize the content of the rulebook I’m developing. I’ve gone through a few iterations, and the Table of Contents is one of those things that helps illustrate what an RPG (er, it’s designer) thinks of itself — what it thinks are important.

Character Creation
– ability scores
– alignment
(agency, destiny)
– advancement
– race
– class
– trade
– features (after 1st)

– condition
– death & dying
– encounters
– equipment
– exposure
– followers
– hazards
(poison, disease, curses, parasites)
– light & vision
– movement
(encounter vs. exploration vs. overland)
– recovery
(healing, short/extended rest)
– retirement
– skills

Rumors & Plots
– antagonists
– objectives
– relationships

Mystery Cults

The Olympians
– demigods
– devotion
– monsters
– quests
– temples
– titans

The Underworld
– tartarus
– the undead

State Politics
– mounted combat
– nautical combat
– warfare

– inheritance
(starting above 1st level)
– legacy

– agency v. destiny
– clarity v. madness
– life v. death
– light v. darkness
– order v. chaos
– peace v. violence
– purity v. corruption

Other Worlds
Time Travel

– artifacts
– public works
– rituals

I’ve already thought my way around most of the systems, or they wouldn’t be there. I’ve spent a lot of time on character creation recently, which is why it’s the most thorough — many of the systems need to be put to the page.

Thus far I’ve be unwilling to commit them to (rules) text for the very reason that so many big concepts need to be taken into account when designing others.

I think the table of contents, barring consolidation and refinement, is well on its way to completion — then there’s the process of filling out the book.

I have my work cut out for me but most of the hard stuff is behind me.