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Following the developments of the Rumor/Subplot system, this last weekend saw advancement in the settlement and public works systems. This system is what will ultimately transition Dungeons & Dragons into Command & Conquer.

So I made a chart to compare scores across character, rumor, and settlement development. I wanted to find parallels and hints about where to go next. As I mentioned in my previous post, I concentrated on the cycle of adventuring and developing. There should be parallels where one system feeds the next.

One of the scores I came up with for settlements started to bug me — Population. Originally I thought this was a great parallel to Constitution/Fortitude, but some time back I decided to fix population across the board. It was unnecessary.

Thinking around the problem, I decided that Population ought to be considered a resource (it’s where we get the idea of Human Resources), and just consolidated it with the Resources score. Some more thought and I decided to bump Resources up to be a parallel with the Strength score. Industry is the new Constitution.

I shuffled Settlement scores a bit more, and tried to get an idea of what was needed to define a community for gaming purposes. I decided to set the work aside and look for inspiration in one of my childhood loves — SimCity 2000.

Nada. But the time away gave me a fresh perspective.

Once I determined Resources, Industry, and Commerce were the “physical” ability scores of a Settlement, I realized I needed more “cerebral” scores to represent the rest. I reexamined Leadership and Identity, and tried to come up with terms that had more… traction. I went through a few iterations.

Finally I came up with Science, Politics, and History.

Science amounts to what you get from a Tech tree in a Strategy game like Civilization, Starcraft, or Command & Conquer. It reflects the body of knowledge held by a community — a direct upgrade from the Intelligence score.

Politics is how relationships between people are managed, and can be used to determine how effectively the community is ruled and policed. I originally paired it with another score, “Society” before replacing that score with…

History. A peoples’ history is what they choose to remember about themselves. It includes traditions of rivalries and grudges, gods, catastrophes, and old wounds. It’s a measure of culture that may extend back a generation or centuries.

In addition to the basic stuff like defining the community with numbers — you can probably imagine what Politics 6 (-2) might be like, just watching the news in your country for any length of time — the scores should help determine what public works the community might find useful or desirable.