Have I mentioned the Rumors of War Relaunch Project FUNDED?
See for yourself!

I’ve made myself scarce the last couple weeks in mad preparation for the relaunch of Rumors of War. There’s been some research, some planning, some outlining, some design, and some writing. Plus, my son is like eight months old now and likes waking up his insomniac dad at 2 AM. I’m in no condition to blog much.

One of my friends and gaming buddies has been talking about Eclipse Phase and I finally got around to looking it up. It’s pretty cool but awfully complicated for my tastes. I think it’s something I’d like to run, but I’d need to generate a lot of reference documents just so I wouldn’t have to keep looking stuff in the book.

Still, I like it. I think it’s right up my alley.

And that kind of surprises me — I haven’t enjoyed science fiction-y stuff in some time, and somehow it piqued my interest. It might be the transhuman element, it might be the horror. I’m not sure. I just saw Cloud Atlas, maybe that did it.

Dang. I’m tired. Going back to work now.