Last night I got to break out my copy of Eldritch Horror for the first time. Our regular game master was unavailable but our gaming group still wanted to meet. Cookiemonger and I had actually intended to play EH Sunday evening, but I couldn’t wade through the rulebook quickly enough then.

We got through setup quickly enough, and that included punching out all the little tokens. FFG has streamlined character setup — oh, if I sound like I’m treating this as the fourth game in the Arkham Horror series, it’s because I am.

There wasn’t too much confusion that I can recall — but I do remember appreciating that all common/unique/ally cards seemed to be combined into a single deck. Spells are separate, but I think that’s okay.

There’s an “artifact” deck that takes over for unique items, but that’s okay. Objects like the Necronomicon are more difficult to obtain now.

I had already figure out the “deck building” portion of setting up the Mythos deck for the Ancient One — looking back now, I don’t remember how far we got through it. I want to say about halfway by the end — we lost the game without realizing it, for missing a rule about advancing the doom track.

I think I like the “omen” mechanic, though it will likely take some getting used to before I figure it out — it cycles through comet-constellation-eclipse-constellation before repeating, and closing the corresponding gates prevents the Ancient One from awakening while the PCs struggle to solve AO-specific “mysteries.”

We played Azathoth, and the first mystery we got was hard. We were supposed to spend Clue tokens while closing gates in accordance with the current Omen, and we ran into problems simply holding on to Clues, let alone getting the proper gates — and that doesn’t include closing them.

By the time we “retroactively lost,” we had nearly completed one of three mysteries.

Overall, I’m liking the game so far. I hope to play again soon.