Day 2: First person who you introduced to D&D. Which edition? Their first character?

At the same time I started GMing, I introduced two friends to D&D — Keith and Jack. Keith’s character was an elf Sorcerer called “Nuriko Sonata,” and Jack’s character was an elf Druid/Ranger called “Athena van Artemis,” I think.

I was running a 3.5 Forgotten Realms campaign set in the nation of Turmish, and I had done lots and lots of research to prepare for it. I originally meant for the group to spend more time in the wilderness before traveling to the city of Alaghon, but we got there faster than expected and I had to improvise.

Keith I know has gone on to play a whole bunch of games — he was actually, I think, the bigger gamer of the two of us — and I know Jack is still playing 3e.

We all went our separate ways after high school — some more gradually than others. Jack and I went to the same community college for a while before he moved out of the country to further his education. Then I moved out of state, and I only talk to Keith over the phone occasionally.

We’ve touched base now and again over the years. Maybe someday we’ll “get the band back together,” but I think it becomes less likely over time.