Day 7: First D&D product you ever bought. Do you still have it>

If I remember correctly, the first D&D book I bought was the 3.5 Player’s Handbook. I joined a gaming group just as they were making the transition from 3e to Revised, and so for a while I was the only one with the new book.

I still have the PHB, it’s one of my most “well loved” books. The binding has come loose, all the corners are rounded from lugging it around. I’ve written in it here and there where there were typographical errors. I still use it for reference.

Thankfully the book isn’t missing any pages. It has some pretty ragged sticky notes hanging out of it though, at one point I attached sticky notes to mark the certain chapters. Not sure which — but races, classes, skills, and combat are a sure bet.

I bought a couple other books right about the same time — I snagged the Book of Vile Darkness even though it was technically 3e. I’m still kicking myself for not picking up Ghostwalk, Lords of Madness, and Examplars of Evil. Good books, all.

For a long time I had a 3e Monster Manual (a gift) and I don’t remember what happened to it. I eventually replaced it with the 3.5 version. I know I replaced my Dungeon Master’s Guide with a leather bound version I won in a raffle.

Most of my books are still in my possession — if I didn’t buy a replacement for them, I certainly didn’t sell or give them away unless I had a backup. One of my books which I loaned out, Complete Arcana, never made it back to me.

I don’t really buy RPG books anymore — not that I don’t like them — honestly, most of what I need to play and run the game can be referenced on a wiki, or they simply isn’t found in a book. My GM material is either original or improvised.