Day 3: First dungeon you explored as a player-character or ran as a DM.

I think I can answer both of these pretty easily.

My first character — a half-elf bard called Thamian Crowe, whom I’ve mentioned a few times in the past — was part of a group of adventurers who plumbed the dungeon below the city of Cauldron in the Shackled City Adventure Path. I came in after the group was maybe — halfway through exploring the first level?

I unfortunately missed some of the more memorable encounters that I’ve heard others mention, but was there for the freeing of the slaves beneath the city as well as the climactic encounter with — I don’t actually remember now.

There were a few good fights though — I was there for the fight with the construct that possessed characters by smothering them in clothing, and I was there for the fight with the automatons hiding behind the invisible walls.

As a DM — one of my things has always been improvisation, and I believe the first “dungeon” I ran was pulled out of thin air.

The majority of encounters had been in the open leading to that point, but I ran a short crawl beneath the city of Alaghon in the Forgotten Realms. The heroes were investigating the mysterious deaths of some priests of Tyr, and found a hidden entrance to the catacombs beneath the temple.

They found some undead and an assassin-mage who was using a series of mirrors to tag them with fireball spells from clear across the dungeon. At the end, they had a nice set piece encounter with some dastardly liches who patted them on the head and teleported away while another villain condescended at them.

Good times.