Day 4: First dragon your character slew (or some other powerful monster).

I’ve been staring at this question for a bit, trying to recall an occasion where I played a character who fought a dragon at all. I keep wanting to try and answer this “in the spirit” of the question, but I’d have to explain what I mean.

See, when we’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons, we’re probably talking about “Dungeon Crawls and Dragon Slaying.” I mean, you’re searching through dusty old tombs, and underground caverns, and dragon lairs…

…And when you’re slaying dragons, it’s about getting the big guys — the fearsome fire-breathing monsters that threaten the livelihood of people.

So, when have I even done those things in-character? Looking back over the careers of my characters, when have I had anything like a conventional crawl? Rarely. How many dragons have I slain? Pretty much none.

The five major characters I’ve played — Thamian, Angelique, Elric Darme, Allandra, and The Manticore — didn’t have conventional adventures.

Thamian had a dungeon crawl and rescued slaves but I don’t remember a climactic battle. Angelique missed out on a lot of the more dramatic stuff, and the adventure was far from conventional. Elric never slew his dragon (a vampire lord). The Manticore slew a number of dragons, but none of them “conventional.”

The closest I think, was Allandra. She played through most of Keep on the Shadowfell — and her dragon was Kalarel. She didn’t get the kill though — an NPC henchman did — and despite her contributions to the adventure and the climactic battle, I never counted that as a “dragon kill” for her.

So I’d have to say that none of my characters have gotten a proper “dragon kill,” not in the spirit of the game. There have been tough opponents, but no dragons.