Day 1: First person who introduced you to D&D. Which edition? Your first character?

My friend Don got me started playing Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons in 2003, right about the same time Revised was coming out. I rolled a half-elf Bard before the Bard got any of the cool stuff from the revision.

The half-elf race never really got better, so I was stuck there — but I only played my character for a couple weeks before I started running my own campaign, so there wasn’t a lot of time for me to discover its lame-ness.

Thamian Crowe was a fun character to play, who arguably would have worked well in just about any system, given how little I relied on his abilities — I didn’t much care for rolling dice, so whenever I could, I acted my way through things.

He was all the things you could want from a Bard and adventuring companion — loyal, courageous, and ready for adventure. He was also melancholic when found alone, and could be cynical at times despite his light-hearted attitude.

I wasn’t comfortable singing, so I gave him Perform (epic) and (oratory), and I made up stuff as I went along, shaping the events of the party into a story while we traveled. This became a habit for me, to be carried on by later PCs.

When we picked up the adventure again later, Thamian was noticeably darker and morose for all that had transpired — breaking up a slave ring. I intended to develop him as bloodthirsty ’cause I was wanted the Dirgesinger prestige class, which might have been fun if I had gotten it… I didn’t.