Day 5: First character to go from 1st level to 20th level.

This isn’t an experience I’ve had at the table before — not personally, anyhow. I’m trying to think now of the first CRPG in which I had characters attain the maximum level. It’s different I know, but I figured it was worth considering. ChronoTrigger comes to mind, but I don’t know if I actually hit the level cap.

I hit the “star” limit in ChronoCross for sure. I played that game to death. I recently his Level 99 with a Warrior in Gauntlet Dark Legacy. I can’t think of a Final Fantasy game in which my characters hit the level cap.

Oh, I’ve had a few characters hit 20th level in Guild Wars. That’s still kind of a big deal, even though the game keeps going, since the road to 20th can be kind of grueling — especially in Prophesies — moreso without help getting there.

But back to tabletop games — I got a group of PCs to 30th level in a 4e campaign.

The mythical Greece campaign I ran 2012-2013, Praise of Stone, began at 1st and concluded when the characters hit 30th. I think it’s important that everyone play a game that hits the level cap — it changes your perspective.

I remember trying to shift gears early on in the campaign, especially when we got a regular bunch of five players, because the “murder hobo” thing really wasn’t working for me. We tried to steer the group in a less psychopathic direction. I tried to get the players to set goals for their PCs and work toward them.

When that failed, I dropped them in Tartarus. I don’t care what level you are — when Zeus comes a-knocking, you do not reach for your dice. Not for anything. Not unless you want to die. Or worse, as the case was for the party.

We’ll see if we ever get another party to the level cap.

I don’t see it happening. Not without a miracle.