I had a comparatively minor revelation this morning after I encountered a snag yesterday in doing some character race development. I realized that to continue developing races effectively, I really need to finish classes in some capacity.

By that, I mean I need a rough draft of all 28 archetypes.

The reason for this is really that to know what kinds of racial features and powers to offer, I need to know what classes are capable of — and that requires that I have all the classes on paper as doing one thing or another. Even if they change.

Yesterday I was reviewing racial traits from 4e races, plus those from Skyrim. I’ve drawn a fair amount of inspiration from Skyrim for the development of races, due in no small part to the fact that Skyrim has ten. They’re the same ten races — as far as I know — that have featured in every Elder Scrolls game thus far.

It was Skyrim that got me thinking about energy resistance in a more broad way — as a kind of inherited trait, really — where before it seemed like it ought to be a rare and special thing. Five of the eight races I’ve developed feature energy resistance prominently, and all are fairly justified (in my mind anyway).

My setting’s dwarves emigrated to “Greece” from the north, and brought their Cold Resistance with them. Gnomes are descended from dwarves, and developed their Fire Resistance as an adaptation to the setting’s climate.

Trolls, similarly descended from dwarves, developed Poison Resistance instead as a cultural countermeasure, given the dramatic rise in poisonings since the dwarves “settled down” in Greece. Goblins, descended from Gnomes, developed Necrotic Resistance in response to crowded, diseased conditions.

Finally, Kobolds — descended from trolls but in conditions similar to goblins — developed Psychic Resistance, owing to overcrowding and various external pressures, like being the “youngest” race. They have “bruise-resistant” egos.

Anyway, this is all well and good but accounts for less than half of the racial characteristics afforded by a playable race. So, back to the sale mines.