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After hours of combing through documents and compiling extant rules and systems, the reference document is almost forty-five pages and ten thousand words in length. It is predominantly mechanics with accompanying tables, and comparatively little “fluff.” There is a notable absence of races and classes.

There’s a fair amount of white space (accounting for tables and whatnot), plus room for pretty, pretty pictures — if and when the latter ever becomes a reality.

For the first time since the system was small enough to fit on a single sheet of paper — well, then again when it fit on two pages facing each other — I’m can take stock of everything that is, and see everything that needs to be done.

I definitely need to write down the stronghold rules, since those currently exist between the blog and my head — there’s been no formalization of any sort. Strongholds are important because they’re one of the links between PCs and NPCs, and a step between dungeons and settlements.

One of my goals with this document is to provide everything that is necessary to run at least 85% of a campaign — such that if one were so inclined, they could pick up this document and play with nothing but an imagination and some dice.

NPCs use the same rules as PCs, minus customization. Each NPC will be a combination of Race and Trade, minus the all-important Class component. Choosy DMs can choose to roll NPC abilities or use an array.

There’s a lot more to cover, but I feel I should be working right now.