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I may have mentioned that I was working on an Intelligence-Apprenticeship correlation — this is an attempt to raise standards by lowering expectations.

In my experience, players tend to think of characters (PC and NPC alike) with Intelligence scores in the 10-12 range as morons. They might not be wrong per se, but I think something is being missed by assuming less of them.

An NPC with 3 INT can still pull off a successful ambush that results in a TPK. Animals and beasts do this all the time, and they’re working with a 1-2.

So here’s the idea — Intelligence equals education. A stereotypical medieval apprenticeship begins at age eleven and lasts about seven years. If one point of an Intelligence score is roughly the equivalent of one year of education, then a newly-graduated craftsman has at minimum a 7 INT.

We could extrapolate this to varying degrees of tradesmen:

  • 3-6 Novice
  • 7-10 Apprentice
  • 11-14 Journeyman
  • 15-17 Expert
  • 18+ Master

  • Characters who are uneducated are not necessarily stupid, they are merely uneducated. Uneducated can mean a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean “stupid.”

    Even unintelligent characters aren’t necessarily stupid — in the end, I think it’s probably more attitude than attribute, and falls in the realm of personality.